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Hi, I’m Sonz!

Who am I?

I am someone who loves learning as much as I love chocolates.

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I am a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers and offer my expertise to companies and organizations on commissioned project basis. So if you would like to reach out to me for any of my specialties, just click on the contact option at the top right of this page.

My Qualifications


With a Diploma in Journalism (ongoing) with specializations in Business & Finance, Magazine Journalism, PR and Communications and added skill in Digital Investigative Journalism, Climate Reporting, Explanatory Journalism, Photogrammetry, Digital Information and Election reporting from University of Texas.

Computer Engineering

With my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, I have further specializations in Software Design and Architecture, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics Website Architecture and Design with Microsoft certification and EC-Council training.


I am a Masters in Science in the field of Clinical Nutrition from University of Aberdeen with detailed study in Disease Prevention, Nutritional through Life Stages, Assessment of Nutritional Health, Obesity and Healthy Weight Loss, Lifestyle Medicine, Food Choice and Behaviour and Epidemiology.

Creative Writing

Goes without saying, I am a writer with my craft expertise in fiction and non-fiction, flash fictions, short stories, novel writing and poetry trained from City College, London.

Fashion, Print and Embroidery Design

Trained from University of Arts London with craft skills in Fashion Design, Textile Print Design and Embroidery Design and am a partner of a luxury global fashion brand.

Modern Applied Psychology

My Diploma in psychology studies are complimented with my expertise in Cognitive, Humanistic, Social and Behavioral psychology and Body Language Analysis.

Digital Marketing

From creating digital strategies to marketing and ad campaigns, I am Certified to create a whole digital marketing universe.

Graphic Design

I am also a Certified Graphic Designer who can create art on both, paper and digital platforms and make static graphics for everything from a piece of scarf to an advertising campaign.

Work Published in

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My thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

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